Let's Build A Model Telescope!

Trac9 is committed to the goal of engaging over 2000 students in 2017/2018 through our sponsored pilot program for STEAM outreach, the JWST Model Project.


What is JWST?

The James Webb Space Telescope is one of NASA’s greatest endeavors and aims to increase our understanding of the universe, as we know it. To push the boundaries of space exploration and go beyond the great achievements of Hubble, NASA, ESA, and CSA designed Webb to be much larger, much colder, and operate much further away from earth.

Bringing JWST in to your classroom

Our JWST Model Project involves one class session where the students learn about science, engineering and manufacturing and each student gets to build his/her own take-home model of JWST telescope! You can schedule an appointment with our support team and we will come and present to your class, on-site. We have provided supporting material to help teach students and teachers alike about JWST and our STEAM project.


JWST Education Package

The contents of this educational package were composed in a manner that we have found to be highly effective with students, teachers, and space enthusiasts alike at highlighting and explaining some of Webb’s most critical differences from other space observatories.

JWST Model Project

The contents of this presentation are used during the JWST Model Project course.

JWST Science Fun Pad

This is a NASA JWST interactive workbook designed for children aging from 5-10 years in age.

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